Third Eye Hold’em is a poker variant played with one standard 52-card deck of playing cards, shuffled before every deal.

1. Play begins with players making the mandatory Ante and, if so desired, either the Best Hand wager and/or the Blind Eye Hand wager; these wagers may be of any amount.

2. The dealer begins by dealing two cards to each of three spots: the first hand spot, the second hand spot, and the blind eye hand spot. One of the blind eye hand’s cards remains face down; all other cards are turned face up.

3.The player then must make one of the following choices:

           a) Fold, and forfeit the Ante wager; any Best Hand and Blind Eye Hand wagers will remain in play and have action, or

                  b) Make a Hand wager on one of the three hands; this wager may be 1x or 2x the Ante wager.

5. The dealer will then deal a three card face-up flop, to act as community cards for all three hands.

6. The player must then make one of the two following choices:

a) Fold, and forfeit the Ante and Hand wagers, or

b) Make a Play wager equal to the Ante wager.

7. The dealer will then deal two more community cards face-up, and then reveal the face-down blind eye hand’s card.

8. The dealer will then resolve the main wagers as follows:

a) If the hand that the player has selected is the best (or tied for the best) of all three hands, their wagers are paid as follows:

i) The Ante wager pays 2:1 if the player chose the blind eye hand to win, and 1:1 if they chose either of the other two.

ii) The Hand wager pays 1:1.

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