Halloween Howler with Curious George

Halloween Howler with Curious George

Celebrate Halloween with us at the Grey Eagle Ultra Lounge! It’ll be an evening of spooky fun featuring live music with Curious George, drink specials all night long, trivia, prizes, a costume contest and much more.


Tickets: From $25 (Plus applicable tax and fees.)
The lounge will open at 5:00 PM. As of 8:00 PM, you must have a ticket to attend the event.
Must be 18+ to attend – minors prohibited.
Must buy a full table of either 2, 4 or 6, limited inventory.


October 30th: Curious George, Send It Entertainment Trivia and music videos.


October 31st: Curious George and a live DJ.


Patrons of the Halloween Howlers must adhere to the following costume guidelines in order to enter the Ultra Lounge and/or the Casino. The Casino’s costume guidelines vary from those of the Ultra Lounge. Patrons are permitted to enter the Ultra Lounge upon following the Ultra Lounge guidelines however if Casino costume guidelines are not met, Casino Security is authorized to deny entry into this area of the property.


Casino Costume Guidelines

• Casino Security must be able to visually identify individuals on Casino premises.

• An individual’s face must remain unobstructed (with the exception of masks- must be removable for ID purposes) ., i.e. no wide brim hates, no heavy face painting that completely conceals one’s identity.

• Casino cameras must remain unobstructed, i.e. no large wigs, no tall costume pieces, no upright flags

• Weapons of any kind are not permitted, i.e. knives, sticks, guns, spears, arrows, sabres, pitchforks, fire, nunchucks, swords.


Ultra Lounge Costume Guidelines

• Fake weapons made of plastic or foam are permitted provided they are not too heavy or sharp and cannot be used as an actual weapon.

• Face painting is permitted provided Event Centre Staff are able to match individuals to their government-issued ID.

• Masks are permitted provided they can be removed if instructed.



We are excited to welcome you back to the Grey Eagle Event Centre for Live Entertainment, and we want to continue to welcome you back for near future events! So we will let you know what you can expect from us, as well as what we kindly ask from you to keep the health, safety, and well-being of all guests and staff as the first priority and so we can continue to hold live events.


What to expect from us:

Employees have been trained on COVID-19 response as well as cleaning and disinfectant techniques including the use of PPE. We have worked closely with health experts and are adhering to the recommended health and safety guidelines set forth by the province.

• We have many hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue and a touchless menu via QR Code.
• Guest screening upon arrival including temperature checks and COVID-19 waiver forms
• All table seating is in compliance with Alberta Health Services regulations regarding social distancing guidelines. We recommend that only members of the same household or cohort are seated together at a table.
• Plexiglass Barriers are set up on stage, and the entertainer(s) will be properly distanced from the audience
• Entertainer(s) will be following the recommended set performance times as advised by health officials
• Health & Hygiene signage reminders throughout the venue.
• Frequent cleaning schedule for surfaces, washrooms, tables and all traffic areas
• Maintenance tasks like Air Filter and HVAC cleaning frequency has been increased


What we ask from you:

• Please wear masks while walking throughout the venue, masks may be removed while seated at your table or cabana
• During the show, audience singing should not occur and we ask guests to remain seated at their table unless walking to the washroom or other areas.
• Full Service to tables, no walk-up service at the bar.
• Please follow all guidelines set forth by Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta in regards to social distancing, good hygiene (wash hands, sanitize, cover coughs and sneezes, etc.), and the monitoring of your own well being
• If you are not feeling well before the show, please stay home and follow the steps as advised by Alberta Health Services or contact your local health provider.
• Have a wonderful time!


For more information on other general COVID-19 Protocols throughout the resort, please click here.


Thanks for being a fan and we will see you there!

October 30

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October 31

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