The Basics

Roulette is played on a wheel marked with red and black slots numbered 1 through 36, and green slots numbered 0 and 00. A tiny ball is spun in a track above the wheel with the object of the game being to bet on which numbered slot the ball will fall into. The ball is put into play by the Dealer who spins it in the opposite direction of the wheel. You can place your bet at any time until “no more bets” is called out by the Dealer. When the ball drops into a numbered slot, the Dealer marks the winning number on the table and pays out all winning wagers according to the odds.

How To Bet

Place a bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers or adjacent numbers. These bets pay the highest odds. Place an “outside” bet. This means you are wagering on whether the ball will rest in a red or black slot, odd or even number, and/or various other possibilities.The roulette chips you will use to bet on the inside numbers are only valid at the table at which they are issued. Their value is determined at purchase—typically 50¢, $1, $2, $5 or $10 chip values can be chosen. Table minimum bets can be spread across a variety of wagers. All maximum and minimum table limits are posted
at each table.


If you have further questions about Roulette, a Table Associate will be glad to answer them for you. AADAC Toll-Free Problem Gambling Help Line 1-866-332-2322.

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