The basics

Beat the Dealer with your best Three Card Poker hand. You can either play by making an “Ante”
wager, a “Pair Plus” wager or both.

How To Play

  • Place your bets! Once everyone at the table, including the Dealer, has received three cards, you can either choose to play out the hand by placing an additional wager equal to your Ante—known as a play wager—or fold your hand and forfeit your Ante.
  • The Dealer will then reveal his/her three card poker hand. If the Dealer is not holding a Queen or better, those who did not fold their hands are paid even money on their Ante bets.
  • The cards are then shuffled for a new round of play.
  • If the Dealer is holding a Queen or better, the round of poker is played out. If your hand ranks lower than the Dealer’s, you lose both your Ante and your play wager. If your hand ranks higher than the Dealer’s hand, you win on both the wager and play wager.
  • If you are holding a Straight, Three of a Kind or Straight Flush, you are also entitled to an Ante Bonus payout!
  • Pairs Plus wagers automatically win if your hand contains a pair or better.

If you have further questions about Three Card Poker, a Table Associate will be glad to answer them for you. AADAC Toll-Free Problem Gambling Help Line 1-866-332-2322.

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