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How to Play

How to Play


Pai gow is a Chinese betting game that uses tiles instead of cards, and it’s popular in casinos around the world. Pai gow can also be played at home using a set of specially-designed tiles.

Play with a set of 32  You’ll need specially-designed tiles to play pai gow with. While pai gow tiles look similar to dominoes, they’re not the same, and a set of regular dominoes won’t work for the game.

Find 2-8 people to play with. You need at least 2 players (including yourself) to play pai gow, and you can’t play with more than 8 people.

Pass out poker chips to each player if you won’t be betting real money. Pai gow is a betting game, so you’ll need something to bet with—even if it’s just chips instead of actual money—so you can place bets at the beginning of your turn.

Choose 1 player to be the dealer. Like in Blackjack, you’re always playing against the dealer in pai gow. You can choose the dealer randomly, or a player can volunteer.


• English only.

• Tiles are not to be touched until all hands are dealt out.

• Once the tiles have been set the player will not be allowed to pick the tiles back up.

• Players may not discuss or show their tiles to each other.

• If a player needs advice on how to set their tiles, they may ask the dealer when all other hands are set and placed back on the felt.

• If a player would like to bank they must be able to cover all bets on the table. The house will not co-bank. The house wager will be up to a maximum of the player’s last bet.

• Players may only set one hand if playing more than one square. If the house is setting a second hand it must be set house way. – Two squares are each played at twice the table minimum. – Three or more squares are each played at table maximum.

• All winning bets are subject to 5% commission.

• Players are NOT allowed to look at one another’s tiles until they have completed their hand. • Players may not rearrange their tiles once they have been set.

• Winning hands will be placed in front of the square. A 5 % commission will be deducted from the bet. • Player banking is allowed a maximum of 2 banks, if there is only one player at the table then the player is only allowed to bank once.

• When a player- banks they MUST have enough money to cover all the bets on the table.

• Dealers are not allowed to pass the dice cup to the player-banker before banker has declared an amount for house bet and a cut.

• A player-banker is not allowed to bet more against the house for their second bank. But they are allowed to bet less than the first bank.

• No one is allowed to talk when setting their tiles especially when a player is banking. House exception hands: When the house cannot make Cheung Sarm 3 on the low hand, and the high hand can make 8 or better, then play the high hand as high as possible. Otherwise just balance the hand. When the low hand could make eight or higher, you must set the higher hand higher ranking. If the low hand is lower than eight you must set the low hand higher ranking.

• Foo Tao, Yun, 6 and muy 6-9

• Foo Tao, Yun,6 Ping Tao 7-8

• Foo Tao, Yun, 7 and any 10 7-9

• Teen or Day, Cheung Sarm, 5, and Gee Juen 7-9

• Teen or Day, Ling lum look, 5, and Gee Juen 8-8

• Teen or Day, Gnor, Foo Tao and 5 5-7

• Teen or Day, Gnor Foo Tao and 6 5-8

• Teen or Day, Barn Dung, Cheung Sarm, Gee Juen 6-9

• Teen, Day, Foo Tao and 10 Big 2


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